I am allmost 11!!!

I am allmost 11 it is so crazy that a year has allready past.

My Birthday is in June and it is so crazy I am allready,

going to turn 11.


Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is the best movie EVER!!!!!!!!!! It is sad,happy,exiting,and a little funny.But you need to know about Martin Luther King,about the bus that got blown up. I can not say how cool this movie is it is super cool. If you are going to see the movie you should proubely take a hankercheif.


Happy new year to every one and I hope that you had seen the fire works, at my house the fire works were awsome it was sooooooooo cool. I can not believe that one day it was 2016 and when you awake it is 2017. The first day of 2017 my grand mother ¬†called me and said”Happy new year a have’nt ¬†seen you sense last year” It was funny. I hoped you had a fun,funny,and a safe new year and one more thing I have not seen a like sense last year lol.

Christmas with my family

Christmas with my family is kinda crazy at my mom’s and my stepdad’s, we call him Big papa. We get lot’s of presents because we have a big family. Well not from my baby sisters. At my dad’s and stepmom’s(we call her Ashley)we get not that much because Ashley’s part the family live’s far away. Do you have a elf?I have 3. One is with my mom named kimmy which is very naughty. The second one is with my dad (named cozy)and the last one is with my grandmas named sparky. One time Sparky made cookies for us. We had a small elf the size of one inch but one day Austin touched him.

first day here

Hi,my name is Sasha I am the oldest girl in my family this is my first time I EVER had my own blog.I am home schooled there is a thing called ”Easy Peasy All-in-one Home school”it told me to make my own blog.I have a brother named Austin but his real name is Steven and 2 sisters . One is 2 years old and screams ALOT and the other one is 1 years old but super CUTE .I have my parents my mom,my stepdad but we call him Big papa,my dad ,and my stepmom’s name is Ashley.I have my 2 bestest of the friends named Kaylee and Kylee.I have to go play with my sisters and eat lunch. good- bye!